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Insolvency Department of FWMK 
The Insolvency Department at FWMK is characterized by a high level of professionalism, which earns it the full trust of the courts in Israel that often appoint the Department’s staff and its heads to serve as joint managers, special coordinators, and trustees in numerous arrangements in a variety of sectors. 
The commitment to the entire process and adherence to every detail in favor of our clients is an integral part of our representation, whether in the role of the liquidator or the receiver, or in the framework of leading the process of settling creditors. 
Each year, the Department is active in dozens of recovery, rehabilitation and liquidation cases.
What do we offer our clients?
To properly handle insolvency proceedings, a unique team is formed that is composed of the Deaprtment’s excellent attorneys who provide assistance to the client throughout the entire process. 
We represent organizations, unions and a variety of companies and their officers in insolvency proceedings, in addition to representing creditors of entities.  
Among other things, the Department deals with debt restructuring transactions and advises its clients on the early planning of the existing collateral system, alongside the possibility of protecting creditors’ rights. 

A winning team
Head of the Insolvency Department is Adv. Lior Dagan, who has extensive experience in managing complex insolvency cases as a liquidator, trustee, receiver and special manager, and in representing creditors in insolvency proceedings. 
The Department’s staff consists of lawyers who specialize in liquidation, corporate recovery and creditor arrangements and in advising companies and corporations on insolvency proceedings, as well as on general litigation proceedings that involve insolvency issues. 
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